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May 23, 2008

Tell-tale signs that you’re getting promoted

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Work, is a part of life and without it, you would have no life and of course, getting promoted is part of it or should I say, part of the job. If you are the person who sucks all the available leaves, think about this, there is only 365 days a year for work and it would have around 52 weeks. Discounting 2 days off per week, there would only be 261 days left. If you work 8 hours a day, you would spend the rest, which is 16 hours out of work thus, having 91 days. Lessen your 30 minute coffee breaks per day and 1 hour lunch, it would have around 22 days left for work. 5 holidays a year, 2 sick days at least and vacation leaves. It would leave 1 day available for work. Do you still want a day off? It would not help get you promoted if you are so obsessed with leaves.


If you are the only one who can do the “tasks at hand” that you are doing, this would be a safety net to not getting fired but, then chances are, you won’t be promoted. The technique here is you must teach your colleagues what you do so that you can raise a step higher. You might ask something like, “Why would you teach something you know that only you can do?” That is exactly my point. If nobody else knows how’s to do your work, then you might be stuck doing that until somebody else learns to do it.


Giving an apple to the teacher does help the teacher remember you. It is the same as sucking up to the boss. Sucking up to your boss per se won’t be a sure way for you to get up the corporate ladder but, it sure will help your boss remember you and in case somebody else leaves and needs a replacement, the boss might remember your apple and might copy-paste you to your new job, one step ahead.


Working on high profile projects doesn’t mean that you have a better chance in landing yourself in a higher position. The reason for you getting that project might be because, somebody else thinks that the project is too hard and it will just fall on you. If you are really in the right position, you would get to choose projects even before they are assigned to you and your colleagues.


Following it won’t get the job done. Sometimes, you need to go a step further, even if it is out of bounds to accomplish a task from a “so-so state” to an “excellent shape”. Rules are made to be broken and if you are wise enough, you might just break a deal with your boss to promote you!

Bait and switch

Some employees think that they will scare off their boss by threatening them on quitting and promote them. This might not be the case for everyone. Being the right person to do it, you must posses all the qualities above to make it work. Otherwise, you might end up having no job at all, begging your boss to take you back. This way, you get to have 365 days a year of leave! Isn’t it… nice?

Just remember, the key to getting promoted isn’t what you do in your job, it is how you do it. It isn’t about being close to your boss, it’s knowing who to get close to and it sure is not just abiding the rules but, beating the odds to surpass your goals! Are you ready to be promoted?


May 8, 2008

5 Reasons why you’re still not up for promotion

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We all have our eyes on a certain position that may require more responsibilities, more hours but a higher pay. And more often than not, we are all shy in some way to ask for what a promotion out of fear of rejection and embarassment and a perception that we’re coming on too strong. So, here are a few things why you might still be stuck in the same desk for years now.

1. You slack around too much. If you’re always late, then the first one to go home before the cleaning lady or go on leave with all excuses imaginable every Monday or Friday or a day after the salary is given, or you submit your reports late or you submit them on time but are incomplete, then don’t complain why you’re still sitting on the same chair.

2. You play safe. Now, there is nothing wrong here, but have to grow. If you only do what is required and avoid little extras, then you’re just going to be stuck there for the rest of your life in that company. It won’t hurt to go on an extra mile.

3. You’re hard to deal with. By this, it means that you’re always a loud talker that everyone’s ears bleed whenever you talk because it’s too much and your vocal chords are probably damaged now. Also being difficult means you’re an endless complainer yet you don’t make changes yourself, then just keep quiet and don’t dream for a promotion.

4. You’re indispensable to your boss. It’s like you’re too good to be true for your job so your boss wants you for a keep. It’s like your boss can’t function at his best if you’re not on the team. So there, make a balance.

5. You got frienemies. This term comes from a combination that your friend in the office is your enemy too, but the weight leaning on the enemy side. If you have “issues” with your boss’ assistant or those at Human resources, then better make amends or don’t do anything to aggravate them or you might as well be submit your resumes to other companies.

Getting the job you want takes a lot of hardwork and a certain amount of socialization with those above you, those that are on the same level and even those who are under you in the organization chart. Some are contented in their positions because getting a promotion may mean a bigger paycheck but less time for themselves and the free time WILL be lessened, stress levels will be shooting up that you’ll develop heartburn or sever migraine.

Its up to you, if you want to be stuck in your comfort zone or you want to go a floor up.

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