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May 19, 2008

How to go the gym and office at once

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While work is already an essential part of our daily lives to struggle for the betterment of everyone we are supporting, we should also understand that too much work would not just harm us but, it would also decline everything else. Workaholics tend to be depressed because they lack social life, they seem to be to preoccupied with work that they are neglecting their priorities in life like their family because they are so busy climbing up the corporate ladder and, they tend to eat unhealthy foods because they need “fast” foods to save more time to do more work.

It is understandable that without our daily work, we would live like those beggars asking for food in sidewalks or worst, like those lurking behind dark alleys waiting to pounce over any weak unsuspecting victims. But, we should not make work our reason on why we are neglecting our health. Remember, living a healthy lifestyle can be achieved even when we are at our busiest time of the week. Here are some tips where you can squeeze in exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is like going to the gym and office at the same time.

1. Take the stairs – Who said going up the Empire State would be a sweat trip? Do that once in a while. Use the stairs. It would be good for your health. If you are in a hurry because you have a meeting, run! That would be a much better exercise. You have to run a little bit faster though because you need to retouch when you reach your floor.

2. Do leg extensions. Extend your right leg until it is level with your hip. Hold as long as you are comfortable and then relax it.

Walk as fast as you ca without actually running. Another way to do it is Lunging. While walking, take the widest gap of steps you can step and lunge forward. Just remember not to look crazy when lunging.

3. Drop your chin and roll your neck while you’re in a meeting. Bend your neck from side to side. A warning though. Try not to attract attention from your colleagues and your boss.

4. Roll your shoulders back and forth while rolling your ankle one by one several times when in the bathroom. Who said going to bathrooms can’t be productive?

5. Every time you chew, chew widely. Chew slowly and move your jaws in stretches. This way, you get to enjoy your food while having jaw exercises.

6. Stretch in bed. Not the one you are thinking,you naughty thinker. Sex is also an exercise but it should not be done in the office or any other parts of the office. It is recommended to do it at a secure place like home. Note, in your own home. If you do it in other’s home, then you might get more exercise than you need like, running naked around your neighborhood.

You do not need exercise equipments to exercise. Determination and a trained mindset is all you need. It is a must to work for us to survive but what good is our money if we do not have health to use our hard earned big bucks when we retire? It is just like working so you have enough money to pay your own hospitalization. Why bother working then?


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