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May 25, 2008

Just confused on who to trust

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Have just been promoted at work two weeks ago. We are 7 on the team and we have a goal for every two weeks.  I thought my team was a very competent one as they went through a gruesome scrutinizing of the personnel people and intensive training for the job.  But, within 2 weeks of work, almost half got sick, and the remaining people performed at a mediocre level.

At the end, I have to augment for all their backlogs and as proof, I am working on a weekend, all alone here in the office, even the janitors were all on their rest days.  I know the first time is always hard, but the work load was reasonably light,  we were all on flexi-time and they have been trained.  Makes me wonder if this will be the situation for all time.  I can’t do things alone, but by the looks of it,  I have to do things by myself. Don’t know who to trust for fear that they might just fail me.


The body language of work

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There are many awkward situations that present themselves in the world. As professionals, we must be well aware of and deal with these situations. Our body language says a lot about our emotions, whether we mean them or not. Here are awkward moments which actually have their corresponding meanings.

1. Hands on hips – this signifies readiness and aggression

2. Hands on cheeks – this means evaluation, deep thinking

3. Hands clasped behind legs, legs crossed – this indicates confidence and an air of superiority

4. Pulling or tugging an ear – this means indecisiveness

5. Rubbing the eye – this shows doubt and disbelief

Funny, I did ALL of these in the past and I never imagined they can show what I was feeling at those moments.

May 23, 2008

Tell-tale signs that you’re getting promoted

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Work, is a part of life and without it, you would have no life and of course, getting promoted is part of it or should I say, part of the job. If you are the person who sucks all the available leaves, think about this, there is only 365 days a year for work and it would have around 52 weeks. Discounting 2 days off per week, there would only be 261 days left. If you work 8 hours a day, you would spend the rest, which is 16 hours out of work thus, having 91 days. Lessen your 30 minute coffee breaks per day and 1 hour lunch, it would have around 22 days left for work. 5 holidays a year, 2 sick days at least and vacation leaves. It would leave 1 day available for work. Do you still want a day off? It would not help get you promoted if you are so obsessed with leaves.


If you are the only one who can do the “tasks at hand” that you are doing, this would be a safety net to not getting fired but, then chances are, you won’t be promoted. The technique here is you must teach your colleagues what you do so that you can raise a step higher. You might ask something like, “Why would you teach something you know that only you can do?” That is exactly my point. If nobody else knows how’s to do your work, then you might be stuck doing that until somebody else learns to do it.


Giving an apple to the teacher does help the teacher remember you. It is the same as sucking up to the boss. Sucking up to your boss per se won’t be a sure way for you to get up the corporate ladder but, it sure will help your boss remember you and in case somebody else leaves and needs a replacement, the boss might remember your apple and might copy-paste you to your new job, one step ahead.


Working on high profile projects doesn’t mean that you have a better chance in landing yourself in a higher position. The reason for you getting that project might be because, somebody else thinks that the project is too hard and it will just fall on you. If you are really in the right position, you would get to choose projects even before they are assigned to you and your colleagues.


Following it won’t get the job done. Sometimes, you need to go a step further, even if it is out of bounds to accomplish a task from a “so-so state” to an “excellent shape”. Rules are made to be broken and if you are wise enough, you might just break a deal with your boss to promote you!

Bait and switch

Some employees think that they will scare off their boss by threatening them on quitting and promote them. This might not be the case for everyone. Being the right person to do it, you must posses all the qualities above to make it work. Otherwise, you might end up having no job at all, begging your boss to take you back. This way, you get to have 365 days a year of leave! Isn’t it… nice?

Just remember, the key to getting promoted isn’t what you do in your job, it is how you do it. It isn’t about being close to your boss, it’s knowing who to get close to and it sure is not just abiding the rules but, beating the odds to surpass your goals! Are you ready to be promoted?

May 21, 2008

Wacky rules to live by that ridiculously make sense

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A long-time friend and reminisced our college days over coffe yesterday and he’s working now as a stand-up comedian in a couple of bars in L.A. and shared a few laughs and I though I might share them with you. These are kinda non-sense and out there, but hey, in some ways they do make sense, again, in some ways.

1. “You only need two tools – a WD-40 and a duct tape. If it doesn’t move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn’t move and does, use a duct tape.”

2. “Remember, everyone seems normal until you get to know them.” This may be true as all of us seem to lead blameless lives and to add, everyone seems to be nice but turn out the other way around.

3. “Never pass an opportunity to go to the bathroom.”

4. “If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You get another chance.” The chance being getting another opportunity to breathe.

5. “Be really nice to your family and friends; you never know when you might need them to empty your bedpan.No matter how strong or independent we are, if we get old enough to survive this life, someone had to clean up after our dirts.

Come to think of it, they all do make sense. We tend to take life so seriously we forgot to look take joy on the simplicity of things. I am one of those people, whose time has been eaten on strategies on how to boost the sales and the bills to pay, and how much will be left to save. It’s nice to have a little humor in our lives on a more regular basis.

May 19, 2008

How to go the gym and office at once

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While work is already an essential part of our daily lives to struggle for the betterment of everyone we are supporting, we should also understand that too much work would not just harm us but, it would also decline everything else. Workaholics tend to be depressed because they lack social life, they seem to be to preoccupied with work that they are neglecting their priorities in life like their family because they are so busy climbing up the corporate ladder and, they tend to eat unhealthy foods because they need “fast” foods to save more time to do more work.

It is understandable that without our daily work, we would live like those beggars asking for food in sidewalks or worst, like those lurking behind dark alleys waiting to pounce over any weak unsuspecting victims. But, we should not make work our reason on why we are neglecting our health. Remember, living a healthy lifestyle can be achieved even when we are at our busiest time of the week. Here are some tips where you can squeeze in exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is like going to the gym and office at the same time.

1. Take the stairs – Who said going up the Empire State would be a sweat trip? Do that once in a while. Use the stairs. It would be good for your health. If you are in a hurry because you have a meeting, run! That would be a much better exercise. You have to run a little bit faster though because you need to retouch when you reach your floor.

2. Do leg extensions. Extend your right leg until it is level with your hip. Hold as long as you are comfortable and then relax it.

Walk as fast as you ca without actually running. Another way to do it is Lunging. While walking, take the widest gap of steps you can step and lunge forward. Just remember not to look crazy when lunging.

3. Drop your chin and roll your neck while you’re in a meeting. Bend your neck from side to side. A warning though. Try not to attract attention from your colleagues and your boss.

4. Roll your shoulders back and forth while rolling your ankle one by one several times when in the bathroom. Who said going to bathrooms can’t be productive?

5. Every time you chew, chew widely. Chew slowly and move your jaws in stretches. This way, you get to enjoy your food while having jaw exercises.

6. Stretch in bed. Not the one you are thinking,you naughty thinker. Sex is also an exercise but it should not be done in the office or any other parts of the office. It is recommended to do it at a secure place like home. Note, in your own home. If you do it in other’s home, then you might get more exercise than you need like, running naked around your neighborhood.

You do not need exercise equipments to exercise. Determination and a trained mindset is all you need. It is a must to work for us to survive but what good is our money if we do not have health to use our hard earned big bucks when we retire? It is just like working so you have enough money to pay your own hospitalization. Why bother working then?

May 17, 2008

Reasons why women may prefer less attractive men

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A recent research published by the Journal of Family Psychology found that women are happier with, let’s just say, less than attractive men. I daresay I can attest to this as some of my friends who have made less-than-expected choices in their husbands are contented and happier and the divorce rate versus my friends who married drop-dead gourgeous men is lower.

More or less than 80 couples who had been married for almost a year were the subjects of the research and it concluded that women are happier with their less than attractive husbands. So, I think there is a flaw in the research, maybe couple who have been married for years should have been also a part of it. But then, I am not married,yet, so I won’t take that further.

So, I asked my friends on why are happier with their husbands who turned to be the opposite of what they dreamed of when we were in highschool.

1. There are less insecurity issues

When you have a husband that is not the head-turner type, a woman tends to have less insecurities about how she looks or how presents herself. In short, jealousy is virtually out of the picture.

2. Women experience more humor in the relationship

It seems that less attractive men tend to makeup for their lack of physical appeal by maximizing their sense of humor. Laughter and a more intact common sense are more preferred than toned muscles or six-pack abs.

3. Women are treated on a pedestal more because the men feel empowered because they were accepted for who are they are and how they look like.

These maybe true, but my overall point is, we should not base how a marriage works solely on physical attributes. Men, jaw-dropping or not, can make any relationship work. And a relationship is not a one-man show, it requires the two people to make it work. Also, everyone has an angle or an attribute that can be considered attractive. And if love is present, looks don’t really matter. In a society where we are somehat dictated who is beautiful or not, what should matter is the inner glow.

May 16, 2008

Hot tips for proper tanning

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Summer is a great time to show off some skin, well, a lot of it. But it’s also the time most of us are exposed to UV (ultraviolet) rays. Getting a little sun is good but too much can make our skin age prematurely, which will leave our skin feeling feeling and looking dry and brittle. Ugh, I don’t want to imagine. So, here are a few sun care tips.

1. Shield the eyes and skin as much as you can. Throw on a wide-brimmed hat and bring along a sarong, and don’t forget those sunglasses with UV protection.

2. We can’t actually see UV rays so use at least SPF15 sunscreen ALL the time.

3. Apply sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before going out to give your skin enough time to absorb it.

4. Don’t miss the top of your shoulders, feet, and the area behind your ears when applying the sunscreen. These spots are the first to burn. Also, put some sunscreen on the areas that are covered by your swimsuit because the sun can also penetrate those parts.

5. If you’re going on an outdoor swimming or doing outdoor sports that will make you sweat,reapply a sunscreen every two hours.

6. UV rays are at its worst from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm so avoid a direct contact under the sun.

7. One of the secrets to getting a great tan is to not overdo it. A natural tan takes 24-48 hours to develop. So don’t think that staying under the sun and thus getting sunburnt will give you a good tan.

8. After basking under the sun,apply an after-sun lotion to calm and soothe your skin. Use after-sun products with vitamin E and aloe to replenish lost moisture after sun exposure.

9. Summer isn’t the only time when you should mind the sun because the UV rays can penetrate even if it’s cloudy.

The weather isn’t just cooperating and it turns out that the seasons have mixed up with each other. Tropical countries which are supposed to be splurging in the hot sun are experiencing typhoons and those who are supposed to be chilling in the rain are sweating because of the scorching sun. Nevertheless, one of the best things about summer is getting tanned and  with these tips, there would be no need to go on artificial tanning and pay big bucks for it.

May 15, 2008

Abnormal enzyme might cause cancer

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I’m into health-related issues right now so I researched on health related topics and found out that a U.S.  study has determined an enzyme that regulates cell growth might, in some cases signal cells to become cancerous.  A University of Minnesota team, led by cancer biologists  Professor Zigang Dong and Ann Bode, has found the potential culprit among a network of enzymes that relays signals inside cells to regulate such functions such as cell growth,cancer development, and programmed cell death.

The study, conducted with human colorectal cancer cells, suggests drugs designed to disable the enzyme known as TOPK might have anti-cancer benefits.

It reflects that Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer mortality and the molecular pathways remain incompletely understood.

May 14, 2008

How computers can make us sick

I doubt if anyone who has at least studied in grade school hasn’t used computers even once in their lives. And we can debate all day how badly we need to be in front of it. It’s like some or most can’t function properly without typing and almost all high-paying job require us to use the computer. It’s benefits cannot be doubted and questioned but then again, there are also hazards we can’t ignore.

1. Computer germs – A study showed that the germ count on computer keyboards are 60 times higher than on toilet seats with an average of 3,295 bacteria per square inch. Imagine, moer germs than a toilet seat. I don’t want to imagine how much harmful that is.

How to fight it: Clean your keyboard and mouse often with with computer wipes and other equipment-friendly products. Even a washcloth and a regular sanitizer can will do to eliminate the bacteria.

2. Computer vision syndrome – Computer-related vision problems include; eyestrain, tired eyes, irritation,redness, blurry or double vision. These are caused by environmental conditions such as poor lighting, glare,display quality, and radiation.

How to avoid it: Adjust the brightnes and position of the screen to eliminate glare and avoid eyestrain.

3. Repetitive motion disorders – The most common is the carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition caused by pressure on the main nerve that runs through the wrist. This happens when you use the computer and the mouse for more than 20 hours a week. Now, who doesn’t spend less hours than that?!

How to avoid it: Keep the height of your seat at a level that allows you to work the keyboard and the mouse with your wrists and elbows at a perpendicular angle, and your shoulders relaxed.

Now I know we can’t avoid facing the computer. I am one of those as my job entails to be in front of it 10-12 hours a day. Much of what we do now are dependent on these good,old computers. We may not feel the effects now, but they will have a lifetime impact on our health, no matter what kind of computer we have, I know we can’t avoid using it, but lessen exposure as much as we can.

May 13, 2008

Reaction to Barbara’s book

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Barbara Walter’s latest book, Auditions, has triggered a lot of controversy specifically because of her admission that she had an affair with a former married senator about 20 year ago.  If this was revealed back then it would have been a much bigger issue and she would have faced adultery lawsuits.  But it came out no, and the senator is living a private life and she is one of the powerful media personalities in the world.

Another admission that made headlines was her interview with Monica Lewinsky and her revelation on what happened when Star Jones was sacked form their show, The View.  Star’s reaction was outraged and accused Barbara of using her to sell the book.

I cannot help but to agree with Star’s reaction. You cannot help but think why she had to voice that out just now.  She should have aired her side right after Star was out of that show, to think she is one of the executive producers.  And her revelation of the affair?  Granted, she told the senator that she was going to reveal their extra-marital affair. I can’t imagine the reaction of that senator’s family.

Barbara seemed to have gotten the sympathy of the people by revealing this just now.  I have to say that i repulsively  admire the marketing people behind the book.  They have leaked the biggest revelations before the autobiography was officially released. I realized that people will not really give a damn about you in your darkest times but will sympathize if you publish a book about it.

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