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April 12, 2008

Movies for your first-ever date

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There’s many a list of “Top Romantic Comedies” or “Top Date Movies” but no one ever said they all had to be chick-flicks.  Here are a couple of titles you could pop in your DVD player when you’re trying to set a mood, girl OR dude.

Nightmare before Christmas – A true classic.  It has Burton’s eccentricities, while keeping the romance in there.  Though it’s a seasonal flick, the franchise is receiving a massive resurrection in terms of merchandise.  If you’re into dark sorrowful lyrics, then this one’s for you, and the underlying message of hope and dark romanticism.

True Romance – Know that song by Alicia Keys?  Wreckless Love?  The “off-the-wall-won’t-stop-‘til-i-get-enough” kind of love?  This movie’s sort of like that, with violence, drugs, Christian Slater and an imaginary Elvis.  Penned by Quentin Tarantino way back when he was starting, this just demonstrates a love so addicting, it can be destructive.  (It’s a real treat, believe me!)

There’s Something About Mary – There’s a reason why this Farrelly brothers movie is a classic.  No, it’s not that infamous “hairgel” scene, zipper scene, or any of the funny scenes packed into this movie.  It’s the highschool romance that prevails in the end.  If you or your sweety still have a lingering love affair for things nostalgic or highschool, (and laughs!) this is just the way to go.

Almost Famous – This is multi-layered.  Not only does it feature a small romance with Kate Hudson, it also shows a love for music and the youth we’ll never get to relive again.  (Okay, so most of Cameron Crowe’s movies are date movies, Say Anything, Jerry Maguire, anyone?  No, no, not Vanilla Sky)

Cinema Paradiso
– This Italian film, which was recommended to me by a close girl friend, has so much “awwww” moments that, by the end, if you aren’t affected, you are a stone that maybe deserves no love at all!


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