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May 13, 2008

Reaction to Barbara’s book

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Barbara Walter’s latest book, Auditions, has triggered a lot of controversy specifically because of her admission that she had an affair with a former married senator about 20 year ago.  If this was revealed back then it would have been a much bigger issue and she would have faced adultery lawsuits.  But it came out no, and the senator is living a private life and she is one of the powerful media personalities in the world.

Another admission that made headlines was her interview with Monica Lewinsky and her revelation on what happened when Star Jones was sacked form their show, The View.  Star’s reaction was outraged and accused Barbara of using her to sell the book.

I cannot help but to agree with Star’s reaction. You cannot help but think why she had to voice that out just now.  She should have aired her side right after Star was out of that show, to think she is one of the executive producers.  And her revelation of the affair?  Granted, she told the senator that she was going to reveal their extra-marital affair. I can’t imagine the reaction of that senator’s family.

Barbara seemed to have gotten the sympathy of the people by revealing this just now.  I have to say that i repulsively  admire the marketing people behind the book.  They have leaked the biggest revelations before the autobiography was officially released. I realized that people will not really give a damn about you in your darkest times but will sympathize if you publish a book about it.


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