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March 17, 2008

5 ways to bring back that lovin’ feeling in the bedroom

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In this time and age where everyone is busy, where everyone is focused on work, and everyone just goes to the bedroom to ONLY sleep, how can you bring back that lovin’ feeling you and you partner shared during the first time you were together?

5 ways to bring back that lovin’ feeling in the bedroom

I’m not a relationship guru nor do I have a degree in counseling, but the ways I’ve come up are tried and tested by friends and by yours truly and they proved to be pretty powerful and pratical and does make sense.

1. For the guys, increase housework duties.

This was based on a latest study where the men who do more household chores end up getting more time in bed with the wife. It’s like a reward for all the hardwork you’ve done all day while the wife is in the office. That is if you’re one of those stay-at-home husbands. Or even, if you’re not, so some extra household chores over your rest days and these will be definitely appreciated.

2. List down what makes you happy.

Exchanging notes will be a better way than to actually talk about what you do in the bedroom. Also, list down what you want them to do, like do you want a more catchy intimate clothing, or you want them to brush their teeth first. Seems like people have a hard time making themselves understood by talking about intimacy and just  end up fighting.

3. Unleash the “vixen” in you.

It is known among long-time couples that there IS a time that the intensity dries out. So, if you’re in this phase, maybe you can bring back the romance by taking striptease classes, pole dancing or make room in your closet for those new Victoria’s Secret intimates.

4. Spring clean your overall appearance.

Your partner will ALWAYS appreciate how you look but WILL NOT ALWAYS find you sexually attractive.

5. Reminisce the old days.

Go to the place where you had your first kiss or to the place where you met. A little journey down the romantic memory lane will surely bring back the feeling of wanting to be close.

There are still many effective ways to heat things up in the bedroom and it all depends on your imagination. Only you and your partner know each other better so the best way is to be sensible to each other’s needs and let the love flow.


March 11, 2008

3 outrageous reasons for blogging

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Living life is like a riding a rollercoaster. You feel fearful at first, then you feel excited then fearful again then you feel nauseated then you feel like you want to go higher and faster until you feel that your insides are flipping outside down until you give in and raise your hands in the air until you realize the ride’s over.

Life to me has been like this and I don’t have anyone to share it with. Work has taken my life in a gigantic way and it feels like it’s not my life anymore, so I decided to make a diversion and do this blog.

Why do we blog, really? Has the all-time diary lost it’s power? But I guess more people prefer to not keep things to themselves anymore, which I think is more relieving. In my case, one more day without writing this post will make me end up in the mad house! Just kidding, but it would really make me feel lonely. So, why do I blog?

1. The internet and I have an affair on a daily basis.

My work is based online so we’re closer than I am with an actual person right now.

2. The only noise I hear lately is the sound of my ipod.

My ears are stucked with the earphones and when nothing’s on them, I’m already slumbering.

3. The last person to visit me was the post man.

Well, the post man did visited me with a number of mails for me. I didn’t see if it was a he or she but yesterday after I came home from work, my mailbox had new mails so someone did dropped by for me.

Sounds pathetic, right? I thought so, too. But I still know how to blowdry my hair and comb it so. I guess the main reason why I blog is to keep my sanity. How ’bout you? Why do you blog?

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