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May 17, 2008

Reasons why women may prefer less attractive men

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A recent research published by the Journal of Family Psychology found that women are happier with, let’s just say, less than attractive men. I daresay I can attest to this as some of my friends who have made less-than-expected choices in their husbands are contented and happier and the divorce rate versus my friends who married drop-dead gourgeous men is lower.

More or less than 80 couples who had been married for almost a year were the subjects of the research and it concluded that women are happier with their less than attractive husbands. So, I think there is a flaw in the research, maybe couple who have been married for years should have been also a part of it. But then, I am not married,yet, so I won’t take that further.

So, I asked my friends on why are happier with their husbands who turned to be the opposite of what they dreamed of when we were in highschool.

1. There are less insecurity issues

When you have a husband that is not the head-turner type, a woman tends to have less insecurities about how she looks or how presents herself. In short, jealousy is virtually out of the picture.

2. Women experience more humor in the relationship

It seems that less attractive men tend to makeup for their lack of physical appeal by maximizing their sense of humor. Laughter and a more intact common sense are more preferred than toned muscles or six-pack abs.

3. Women are treated on a pedestal more because the men feel empowered because they were accepted for who are they are and how they look like.

These maybe true, but my overall point is, we should not base how a marriage works solely on physical attributes. Men, jaw-dropping or not, can make any relationship work. And a relationship is not a one-man show, it requires the two people to make it work. Also, everyone has an angle or an attribute that can be considered attractive. And if love is present, looks don’t really matter. In a society where we are somehat dictated who is beautiful or not, what should matter is the inner glow.



  1. I’ll have to agree with number 3! *laughs*

    Comment by patriciaholdenmd — May 17, 2008 @ 3:52 am

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