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May 12, 2008

What his first intimacy moves can tell you

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So you’re getting cozy with each other and you’ve reached the point where you’re cozy in ALL areas.  You have let him into your place.  Now, what can you tell the morning after?  His actions during the early stages of getting it on can give you hints on his ability to be on a long-term passionate relationship.

1.  When you’re on foreplay, he asks if you feel good about what he’s doing.

Hint: His purpose is to please you.  Having sex with a guy who asks questions right away about what you like will get so much better over time and this just means he’s making it perfectly sure it does,

2.  He’s almost too tender when during kissing and oral action.

Hint: Nervousness is creeping inside him, big time.  It’s not that he lacks interest, it’s just that he’s being sweeter than sexier and wants to make you feel how a gentleman he is.

3.  He makes sudden, unguarded requests while you’re at it.

Hint: This signifies that he is comfortable enough with you to open up about his turn-ons.  Be careful though, if it’s too soon, it means that move is a big deal to him and you might have to do it everytime you’re in bed.

4.  He maintains eye contact with you during intercourse.

Hint: He’s so into you. When men locks their eyes on you during this heated moment, he longs for a connection that is beyond physical.

Some of these assumptions are based from actual studies.  And it might just be helpful if we can read their actions when we are, let’s say, sane.  🙂  At the end of the day, what matters is what we feel while doing it. If we’re not comfortable and we feel pain, as in big time pain, then we can say no and our partners must respect that.


May 9, 2008

Sermons you thought your pastor would not preach

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It sure did get everyone’s attention. Whether this is true or not, it is worth reading.

A Pastor went to the Reverend to heed advice because of his fear of talking in front of a lot of people. The Reverend told the Pastor his secret. He told the Pastor that he sips vodka before going up the pulpit.

The following week, the Pastor did what the Reverend told him. After the sermon, the Pastor noticed a note at his door.

1. Sip the Vodka, don’t gulp.

2. There are 10 commandments, not 12 and Jesus has 12 disciples, not 10.

3. Jacob wagered his donkey, not his ass.

4. The Father, Son and the Holy spirit are not referred to as the Daddy, Junior and the spook.

5. The recommended grace before eating meals is not, “Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub, Oh yeah!”

and lastly,

6. Next sunday, there will be a taffy pulling contest on St. Peter’s. Not a peter pulling contest at St. Taffy’s!

Hope that made your day! Lol!

May 8, 2008

5 Reasons why you’re still not up for promotion

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We all have our eyes on a certain position that may require more responsibilities, more hours but a higher pay. And more often than not, we are all shy in some way to ask for what a promotion out of fear of rejection and embarassment and a perception that we’re coming on too strong. So, here are a few things why you might still be stuck in the same desk for years now.

1. You slack around too much. If you’re always late, then the first one to go home before the cleaning lady or go on leave with all excuses imaginable every Monday or Friday or a day after the salary is given, or you submit your reports late or you submit them on time but are incomplete, then don’t complain why you’re still sitting on the same chair.

2. You play safe. Now, there is nothing wrong here, but have to grow. If you only do what is required and avoid little extras, then you’re just going to be stuck there for the rest of your life in that company. It won’t hurt to go on an extra mile.

3. You’re hard to deal with. By this, it means that you’re always a loud talker that everyone’s ears bleed whenever you talk because it’s too much and your vocal chords are probably damaged now. Also being difficult means you’re an endless complainer yet you don’t make changes yourself, then just keep quiet and don’t dream for a promotion.

4. You’re indispensable to your boss. It’s like you’re too good to be true for your job so your boss wants you for a keep. It’s like your boss can’t function at his best if you’re not on the team. So there, make a balance.

5. You got frienemies. This term comes from a combination that your friend in the office is your enemy too, but the weight leaning on the enemy side. If you have “issues” with your boss’ assistant or those at Human resources, then better make amends or don’t do anything to aggravate them or you might as well be submit your resumes to other companies.

Getting the job you want takes a lot of hardwork and a certain amount of socialization with those above you, those that are on the same level and even those who are under you in the organization chart. Some are contented in their positions because getting a promotion may mean a bigger paycheck but less time for themselves and the free time WILL be lessened, stress levels will be shooting up that you’ll develop heartburn or sever migraine.

Its up to you, if you want to be stuck in your comfort zone or you want to go a floor up.

May 7, 2008

Pressured to sleep

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I slept just about 2 hours last night.  The odd thing was I was already lying in bed by 9 and yet I didn’t dozed off.  I can feel my body breaking down but then my mind is drifting to a lot of thoughts. Thoughts about work, about my family, about my bills, just about everything that’s going on in my life.

All the ideas about work just splattered and they were so incredulously genius that I had to get a pen and paper to jot them down.  I decided against opening my laptop as it will just tempt me to work.  It almost cried and got pissed off with myself as I can’t sleep.  I was an insomniac two years ago as I was working during the night but after I quit that job I was able to sleep well. But after I got a day job my sleepless nights have started again.  Slacking around made me sleep well, but then, I have no right to slack around as I have bills to pay and a family to support.  Ugh, life.

May 5, 2008

15 Mind blowing surgery statements

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Hospitals are places each soul has been to from birth, to sickness and even near death. These institutions are made for people to have a one stop shop for their health needs like pediatrics, E-E-N-T’s, surgeons, and gynecologists to coroners. It is a place where all kinds of sickness meet and gather like a big prom party in a junior high.

It is a place where people experience happenings for the first time like from the first baby to the second baby making seminar to the nth checkup. We develop a relationship with the people working there including the guards and nurses because it is important that you be in good terms with them to lessen the worries and problems that you will encounter soon. Hey! You are in their territory and you can’t get angry because you will need them! We can’t sometimes help but meet people who are not that experienced to handle our situations, ever more if, you do not know any doctor from the hospital or clinic that you went to.

Below are some funny lines that you wouldn’t want to hear from your doctor while undergoing Surgery, I dare you to get angry!

1. What the heck is that!?

That phrase will surely put you into shock faster than anything else you’ve ever known!

2. Does this hurt? How about this? Your kidding!? I hit it with a hammer!

What could be worst thing than anesthesia? Hitting you with a hammer and not feeling it!

3. Of course this is ethical.

Makes you ponder about mercy killing.

4. Has anyone seen my ring?

What could be worst than Mr. Bean dropping M&M’s inside the patients internal organs then finding and returning a bullet he removed?

5. Christ, better get out of the book!

Prayers do work. But this calls for an immediate action!

6. Wait a minute! That is not her gallbladder!?

Then, what the hell did you eradicate?

7. Boy! I have not done this in a long long time!

In basketball terms, substitute please!!!

8. We have to hurry; my flight will be in 30 minutes!

Then get the *toot* out of here!

9. I don’t understand, this didn’t happen in the video.

Don’t worry…I know what to do…I saw this on ER once…

10. See! It is rusted! That is why I hate operating here in this hospital.

Help! Save me from these rusty-murderers!

11. Yikes! Oh well, there is a first time for everything. Charge it to experience.

What!? And charge my credit card for that?

12. I had a bad feeling about this case. But, good thing, the tarot card reader made me feel good.

Did she say if this was going to be successful with you operating me?

13. It is alright to proceed. He’s asleep.

Uhm, Doc, I can’t speak up and I can still hear you loud and clear!

14. We had been looking at your X-ray and we can’t figure out if it’s the left or the right.

Go back to nursery and have them teach you the song “I have two hands!”

Last but not the least,

15. Hi everybody! I’m doctor nick!

-from The Simpsons

I just hope that you will hear from the doctors in TV shows only. In case, Good luck to you if you experience any of these phrases that you wouldn’t want your doctor to say!

May 1, 2008

A scary incident

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My female friend told me this terrifying experience she had a few years ago and I would like to share it now to warn other girls. After prom, the guy told my friend that everyone was going to the hotel for an after prom gathering party. She had second thoughts and thought it was shady but since she liked him very much, she want because he don’t want the guy to think she was not “fun”.

When they arrived, no one was there and there it was. Sorry for making this sound like a tabloid kind of story but, this is a real life experience. They started “doing it” and the girl heard a beeping sound at the corner. There was a red light. Feeling uncomfy, my friend dressed up and went home. The next day, everyone was talking about her video tape from the hotel room. She had wished she followed her instincts.

My advice is this, always follow your instincts and please, do not do stupid things that you will regret afterwards. Just follow what God wants and his path.

4 ways to avoid the boomerang kids syndrome

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This post was inspired or to be perfectly honest, by 1 a.m. unannounced visit by my friend since college.  She had a fight with her mom and dad.  She “brought” a friend for dinner and her mom didn’t like that he didn’t eat lobster without any hints that he has an allergy to any seafood, discovered or not.

She’s the same as my age, which I won’t divulge anymore.  Bottomline, we’re both enough to get even a 48 square meter apartment where we can barely move, but at least we’re on our own.  She went solo for two years after college but moved back in when she resigned from her first job.  I agreed that time that moving back in with her folks was the best thing because she did that time for she was out of cash and of anything to last her for a month.

Boomerang kids are those who go back home after college instead of living away from their folks.  Nothing wrong actually, most parents want to see their kids home but after a few months so, it can get annoying in some ways.

But it has been almost 2 years as well since she has been staying with them.  She got a new job a year ago but still stuck there. Her reason, she can save more because she doesn’t have to pay rent.  I somewhat pity her but then she’s right.  But there comes a time we have to spread our wings and fly by ourselves.

So, how do we evade from this dilemma? Here are some ways I did and a few friends of mine did as well:

1. Save from your first day in college

May see old-school but it works, financial shows compute how much we can save if we set aside $10 a day or a $100 dollars a month.  But it really pays to save.

2.  Tag a close friend to stay and share rent with you

You can at least half of the total rent by getting a flatmate. But remember, you’ve got to trust them enough to stay with them.

3.  Initially get a cheaper, yet cozy place

You don’t have to get a grand place on your first time being your own.  A less costly, yet secure enough apartment is a good choice as your first nest, so to speak.

4.  Get a good paying job

Yes, I know this is one of those things that are easier said than done, but then again, if you want to be on your own, get a job that can pay for rent, at least.

Back to my dear, old friend.  In her rage, she swore that sometimes she’d rather be one of those homeless person rather than live with her parents.  In my concern, I blurted out that just move out and both of them are to blame.  The consequences of her partying in college instead of saving up led the way to this.  Thank God, she didn’t get angry with me and actually agreed.  There are a lot of personal reasons why some go back home after college. Some want to lay low after years of hardwork, while some just want to stay close and take care of their parents.  I, for one crave for someone to do my laundry, to be served with hearty meals during dinner and have someone to go home to after a grueling day at work.  But, we have to be independent one way or another.

April 29, 2008

Instant Strength

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I am sure that most of you have been on one, two or three trips to the beach and back already or maybe, spent many a day scrounging the malls and hunting for great bargains. That is what I love about summer but, unfortunately, that is not what I have been doing for the past few weeks. Just last week, I got sick and now, I am dumped again with more work!

You know what’s good here? Despite all of this, at the end of the day, I am learning to love my job the way a good angelic employee should be. If you are wondering where I drew my strength, here it is.

Hebrews 13:5-6 “Let your conduct be without covetousness, and be content with such things that you have, for he has said, ‘I will never leave you, nor forsake you,’ so that we may boldly say, ‘The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do to me.'”

April 28, 2008

Ellen is turning 800

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Only became a fan of Ellen’s show a year ago. It was the time I had almost lost work. Well, to be brutally honest, I didn’t want to go to work back then. It was my breaking point. Couldn’t remember the first episode that I watched but I remember the feeling when I watched that show for the very first time. Her monologues made me laughed so hard I forgot to be depressed because of my job. My bosses back then were so unreasonable, they demanded the siliest volume of work but then didn’t want to pay overtime. I think my panic attacks begun at that moment.

But then, when I watched her show, I realized there are jobs in this seemingly unfair world that are rewarding. I mean, I feel that working in her show would definitely be a blast. Dancing would take a load off my stress level. I even resulted to undergoing stress tests and they were crazy high.

I regret I wasn’t able to watch that show for during its early years, maybe if I did, I could have had more good laughs rather than cursing moments. Watch her monologue during her 800th show.

April 25, 2008

No panic attacks but got sick anyways

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Yes, you heard it right. After long days of working pressure, I got a fever.  I rested for the entire day but, work kept on bugging me. There was simply no way to run away from my work. Even though at times, it is I who thinks of my responsibility. Having responsibility is different from just having work. Having responsibility entails you to still have leaves and holidays but, your mind will be on it all the time, even weekends!

Are we trained not to worry? Why am I worrying too much? Hope I get well soon because I can’t afford to miss work for 2 days straight.

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