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April 23, 2008

Powers we wish we can steal from the big and small screens

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The movie Jumper talks about a smart kid with a tough life and discovering that he has the ability to teleport and leaves his own home to search for the man he blames for the death of his mother. It made me realize and think of this one thing. Wouldn’t it be fun to have powers?

God designed our lives to be almost flawless. Being flawless doesn’t mean that you won’t have any problems or trials. Being flawless is about enjoying our life here on this temporary world while we live. Just think, if you have superpowers, you will be bored after a while because you can already do anything you wanted to but, who said anything about day dreaming being bad? Here are some awesome powers to have.” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

1. Invisibility abilities – If you are a guy, you might find this power a tad bit more useful than the others. Have you watched hollow man? Those are the things you can actually do. Have you imagined how fun it would be? Board planes, cruises, go around the world. All the money you can have, Money-All-You-Can buffet!

2. Mind Powers – Have you heard people say that if you are in a hot place and you think about cold things, you won’t feel hot anymore? That is mind over matter. Telekinesis is somewhat the same. It is the power of the mind over to control the matter. good example of mind power is Micah Sanders from the hit TV Series, Heroes. He has a power called “Technopathy”, this is another kind of Telekinesis. “Technopathy” communicates with machines and electronics to follow your commands. Parkman, also from Heroes TV series has a different kind of mind power. He has “Telepathy”. It means that, he can sense the thoughts of other people and has the power to control the mind of another human being.

3. Time Travel – This is one sick ability to gain! Go back and forth in time. I would like to first, travel back in time. Be a child once again. You could do various dumb stuffs you did while you were young. Way back in time, my friend had a funeral for a lizard he accidentally killed. How would that sound if you did that now?

Going back to the future, you might want to stop off those “great” junior high memories you had like, the Prom night. It would be also great to go forth in the future. You can see what will happen next time, so you can change what you need to change right now. Oh, before you go back to the present, check out your wife. If she irritates the hell out of you, you know what to do now. Just make sure to check out the next one too and choose the best!

Being powerless now is different from having powers later. Of course, you will first start off with, “I will change the world and make it a better place by…” Humans are just humans. Our desires tends to be more greedy, and that will make us dangerous by having special powers. Lets say you have special powers now, can you say you will only use it for good?


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