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April 18, 2008

If I have a time machine, I’ll go back to grade school

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Don’t you want to go back to being a kid? Innocent, without pressure, never heart broken, just playing and studying and just lying around the grass in summer, joining camps with friends, easy relaxing life. Just the thought of that, makes most of us want to go back to being kids especially those who are currently feeling work pressure, love pressure and money pressures. This is also the time when you will have gazillions of elementary memories. Some are good, some are very good and yet, unfortunately, for some it will be that good. Continue reading to reminisce your grade school memories.

There are 2 kinds of kids in elementary. The one who bully others and the one who gets bullied. I’ve got to tell you this wonderful tip kids. You will need those people who you bully now. You will either get bullied next time at work because of what you did now, or they will be kind enough to help you, because they forgot that you bullied them. Just don’t remind them and keep it that way or else.. who would want to know, right? Who could forget about elementary pranks? We have to admit that we are guilty of that because, I know I am. Sticking notes at the back of your teacher with the words “Kick Me!” or worst, answers to the test! Memories…Memories…
This is also the times when being funny, actually is funny. Check out this equation made by a grade school wiz student.

Given: Study = No Fail

And: No Study = Fail

1. Study + No Study = Fail + No Fail
2. Study ( 1 + No ) = Fail ( 1 + No )
3. Study ( 1 + No ) / ( 1+ No) = Fail ( 1 + No ) / (1 + No)

Q.E.D. Study = Fail
Elementary is also the time were cheesy lines are not cheesy because some girls or guys might actually like it. Unlike with us, grown ups, sometimes, we just pretend we like those cheesy acts, but we really don’t. admit it!

Also having Lunchables for lunch would also make you look cool! I really do not understand why until now. If you were sick, your parents were the ones who actually make excuses for you! I’ve got this excuse from one of my friends’ kid. The note says, “My daughter was absent yesterday because she was tired. She spent the weekend with the Marine’s!” Whew!

That is not yet the climax of grade school life. P.E. and recess were two of the most popular subjects in school were in everybody would be actually awake! Events like Christmas parties were real fun that time! We have few expectations then so we did really enjoy it. Everybody joined games and really aimed to get the prizes. While growing up, some kids tend to act maturely, thus, developing the kill-joy syndrome.

Yup, those were the memories. It is not time to GO BACK TO WORK, get a reality check and wake up from your childhood memories. If you are still a kid right now, good for you, enjoy your life! For Parents or future parents, final word here. Be extra careful in writing your child’s excuse letter for being absent or else, it might come out something like, “Please excuse Mary from being absent yesterday. She was in bed with gramps.” So, can you say your grade school was great? Why was it great then?


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